Commit to the Challenge

Chicago’s Friendliest CrossFit Facility

Welcome to CrossFit Commitment, Chicago’s premier CrossFit facility! If you’re seeking a box where an easy-going attitude and friendship are the most valued attributes, look no further. We are not a hard core CrossFit gym where you take your shirt off and WOD all day long. We inspire and educate our members on the many benefits of fitness, health, nutrition, strength, performance, and so much more.

We believe that fitness is easy, and that anyone can make it to their goal with just a little help. That help isn’t always about a technique flaw, but it can be anything else that keeps you from getting some activity. We believe that we can change the world by making people like you stronger mentally and physically—and all it takes is one hour a day.

Experienced CrossFitters, you’ll love the fact that we don’t think more of the same old thing will help. We have worked in Division 1 strength and conditioning gyms. We focus on those principles, are able to adapt to any athlete, and use many different methods to help you get to where you want to be. And, we’re fun to be around.

A life-changing workout for long-lasting results

Want to find your new best?

Our Facility

CrossFit Commitment’s 2,906-square-foot facility is your destination for functional, life-changing fitness. Once you step into our warm, welcoming box, you’ll feel instantly at home and ready to jump right in—and not just because we have showers and air conditioning, even in the summer. We’re more than just a workout facility. We’re a community of friendly, dedicated people who like to have a good time while pushing ourselves to the next level of fitness and well-being. Knowledgeable, supportive staff and lots of great equipment at the ready make it easy for you to get started or continue on your CrossFit journey. Whether you’re a newbie or experienced, we’ll match you to the training you need for optimum performance.

  • The energy you feel as soon as you step in the gym is super infectious. You see all the hard work being put in, and you just have to be a part of it. Love CrossFit Commitment!

    Torwah Tee Noah

  • I enjoy going to CrossFit Commitment. The coaches are very experienced, hospitable and funny. Each time I leave the gym, I feel good about my workout.

    Elizabeth Ann

  • Love all the trainers! So helpful and supportive! It's been only 3 months I'm with this CrossFit gym and I'm in love! I'm the fittest I've ever been and I always look forward to another workout!

    Kristina K.